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Revival Clinic Bangkok

Born from Dr. Chontirot’s visionary ideas, Revival Clinic is becoming the reference point for non-invasive treatments. specializing in a truly holistic approach to health, well being and beauty.


Driven by her passion, Dr. Srikasedsarakul pursued further studies, earning a Diploma in Dermatology and Dermatosurgery from the renowned Skin Institute of Thailand. Her dedication to anti-aging medicine led her to achieve a Diplomate certification from the esteemed American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Determined to expand her knowledge of skin care and cancer medicine,  at Queensland University, Australia. Equipped with a deep understanding of genetics and genomics, she further honed her skills through the Genetics and Genomics Program at Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford University.


Safety is our priority

Safety holds paramount importance to us. We place a strong emphasis on every single detail, ranging from the exceptional quality of our products and equipment to our team of highly trained professionals. Our aim is to ensure that you not only receive effective treatment but also experience a secure environment throughout your entire treatment process.

Our Concept of Beauty

We hold the belief that each body possesses its own inherent beauty. True beauty emerges uniquely for every individual. When one is in a state of good health, their inherent beauty shines through.There's no need to jeopardize our well-being in pursuit of conforming to ever-changing societal beauty standards. We leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance your appearance in a manner that aligns with your unique identity, all while prioritizing safety.


Natural Look Beauty

Our concept is centered around helping you become the best version of yourself while preserving your natural beauty. We provide custom-tailored treatments that suit you perfectly – treatments that offer immediate satisfaction while also yielding long-term benefits. Our approach ensures that the changes will be subtle, leaving others unable to pinpoint what you've had done, yet noticing an undeniable improvement in your appearance.

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The place you can trust.

At a time when trust might not be easy to come by in the aesthetic industry, we are dedicated to offering you a trustworthy haven. We exclusively employ certified medical doctors and staff, and we utilize authentic equipment and products. Our pricing is transparent, void of any additional or hidden charges. There's no upselling or pushing of products unsuitable for your condition. We take pride in our contributions to society, ensuring the provision of optimal practices with the highest standards.

Revival Clinic Bangkok 

Indulge in the next evolution of treatment experience at Revival Clinic Bangkok. World-class expertise with local flavors, set in a tranquil environment to deliver a bespoke experience that is undeniably unique for every guest. We listen to your specific requests and concerns to provide a level of personalized service that is unmatched. From the moment you make your appointment, each step of your time with us will be tailored to you. 

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