Getting a Facial


Your safety is of paramount importance to us thus our doctors follow the latest industry standards in every stage of your procedure, from the consultation through medication preparation to the administration of the treatment and even on into after treatment care.  

Man Getting Botox

Natural looking Botox 

“You’ll look like yourself—only with less noticeable frown lines and crow’s feet ”

ultralift cover .png

Non-surgical face lifting 

Stay young and be yourself 

vampire face .png

Vampire facial 

Renew your skin by your own blood 

peeling cover .png

Facial peeling 

Renew your facial skin correct photo-aging and blemish 

placenta face cover .png

Placenta extract for face 

An absolute anti-aging for your skin rejuvenation by Placenta extract mesotherapy  

decolletage cover .png

Decolletage rejuvenation 

A tailor-made combination treatment to answer all your skin need 

acne treatment cover .png

Acne treatment program 

All you need for acne treatment 

Buffet treatment for best result 

nefertiti cover .png

Nefertiti lift 

A new technique to re-balances the underlying muscles and provides a ‘lifting’ effect in the neck and jaw area.

keloid cover .png

Keloid treatment 

A combination therapy for the most effective for scar treatment 

stem cell face cover .png

Stem cell for face 

Rejuvenate your skin 

melasma cover .png

Melasma treatment 

All in one treatment program for the most effective with controllable budget 

fat reduction .png

Non-surgical body thightening 

Ways to reduce your excess fat and tighten your skin 

homeopathy .png

Homeopathy facial detox 

The greatest healing therapy is come from natural 

sensicare cover .png


Skin care for sensitive skin 

Satisfaction Guarantee

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stretch mark .png

Streth mark treatment 

A combination therapy for the best result 

lip wrinkle .png

Lip wrinkle treatment 

Reduce vertical line from your lip 

nose cover .png

Nose botox 

Reduced nasal flare , lift up the tip 

vshape face .png

V shape face botox 

A non-surgical way to create the young and feminine look

chin botox .png

Chin Botox 

Correct orange peel appearance of the chin 

Manicured Hands

Plasma hand rejuvenation 

Platelet-rich plasma injection to help repair skin aging and scar on the hands 

lip cover .png

Pink lip treatment 

All in one treatment for lip rejuvenation 

plasma filler cover .png

Plasma filler 

Rejuvenate your skin with self-extract growth factor 

teeth grinding .png

Botox treatment for teeth grinding 

Relief the pain and protect your teeth 

laser mole cover .png

Laser mole removal 

For the less invasive and faster recovery 


Miracle mask 

Detox, Recovery and calm your skin 

For bright and healthy skin 

madonna eye cover .png

Madonna eye lift 

Tighten and rejuvenate around the eyes skin 

scar cover .png

Scar treatment 

A tailor-made acne scar treatment for all type of scar you have 

acne scar cover .png

Acne scar treatment 

A tailor-made acne scar treatment for all type of scar you have 

fractional cover .png

Fractional laser resurfacing 

Detox, Recovery, and calm your skin 

The latest proved technology treatment for dilate pore and acne scar 

membership program .png

Membership program 

The most valuable and flexible program 

neck botox cover .png

Botox neck area 

Because the neck is a new face 

vitamin drip cover .png

White and glow vitamin drip 

Be bright from the inside out 

rejuvenat ecover .png

rejuvenate laser 

Reduce black and red spot 

Let's you show your white and glow skin 

prp hair cover .png

PRP for hair 

support hair health without side effects

needle lipolysis cover .png

Needle lipolysis 

For stubborn fat pocket 

NCTF cover .png

Skin rejuvenation NCFT by Filorga 

With 55 skin nutrient and hyarulonic acid 

gummy smile cover .png

Gummy smile Botox 

Non surgical treatment for gummy smile with Botox 

sweat cover .png

Anti-sweat Botox 

Botox treatment for excessive sweat