Stem Cells For Stroke Victims

Revival Clinic uses cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells ethically sourced from certified, full-term human umbilical cords. Revival Clinic stem cells are thoroughly tested for viability before treatment. These cells are NOT a blood product; therefore, it is extremely safe and does not require HLA or phenotypic matching.

Revival Clinic is partnered with an award-winning medical laboratory, cGMP compliant, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certified. Cells are only sourced from certified suppliers of full-term, ethically human umbilical cords. The selection of these donated tissues is exceptionally regulated and strict.

Patients are under constant supervision from both our medical director and the supporting medical team.

There is a high possibility that Stem cell therapy may be able to help stroke victims. Stem cells are an option that have been proven to be safe safe and effective in a wide range of of studies. It works by replacing damaged cells within the brain and regulating the immune system to prevent further damage to the body and brain post-stroke. These functions make stem cell therapy for stroke survivors a valuable alternative therapy option.

Stem cells have a naturally regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect, seeking out damaged tissue in the body. Stem cells injected into distant arteries or veins travel to the site of a stroke in the brain to fuel the repair process. Stanford University School of Medicine clinical trials turned to stem cells for healing stroke victims of different ages, anywhere from 6 months to 3 years after their stroke had occurred. The trial included 18 individuals, an average age of 61.

Within months, all participants showed signs of improved motor function. The patients showed an average increase in 11.4 points on the Fugl-Meyer Assessment, a stroke-specific impairment test, and the results held for years after treatment as monitored by the university. This trial made tremendous strides in proving that stem cells could effectively treat stroke symptoms years after a patient’s stroke occurrence, and could also be effective at any age.

Intravenous drips of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells are both a safe and effective treatment option for post-stroke long term recovery.

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