Eat less live longer

Caloric restriction may help extend our lifespan

More than 80 years ago, Clive McCay published that rats with severely restricted diets lived up to 33% longer. Over the last few decades, similar experiments have been carried out on countless species, from worms to rodents and even primates. The animals’ calorie intakes are generally reduced by as much as half their normal levels. Depending on the species, the most promising results have shown lifespan extensions between 50 and 300%.

How about in human?

A randomized clinical trial human name CALERIE trial divided healthy participants into a calorie reduction group and a control group. The calorie restriction group was told to reduce intake by 25%, but in practice, they only reduced their intake by about 12% on average. Nevertheless, there were still significant health benefits observed in this group. This included lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, as well as improved insulin sensitivity index which can affect longevity in long term.

The theory behind caloric restriction and longevity

1. The rate of living theory

From the observation that larger animal species tend to have longer lifespans than small ones. Since larger animals have also been observed to have lower metabolic rates, this theory suggests that slower metabolic rates are associated with longer lifespans.

2. The free radical theory

Under this theory, aging is a result of the cells in the body accumulating damage over time. This damage comes from so-called free radicals, Since free radicals are created by our metabolic processes, slower metabolisms could decrease the rate of free radical production and subsequently extend lifespans.

Consuming higher calories can result in a higher metabolic rate and more free radicals as the end products which can affect life span according to these 2 theories.

Caloric restriction trick

  1. Fasting, limit your time for food intake is another effective way to help you reduce the calories you get each day.

  2. Stay away from hight calories food such as animal fat, sugar, flour

  3. Reduce your food portion, choose a smaller plate.

  4. Refill with water, drink more water before and after meals can reduce your appetite

  5. Choose complex carbs which high in fiber but have lower calories.


Isabella Grabski, Can Calorie Restriction Extend Your Lifespan?,August 2,2020

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