Being active

Physical activity is any body movement that works your muscles and requires more energy than resting. Physical activity is good for your body and mind.

Exercise is a type of physical activity that's structured and planned.

The best way to exercise

is to complete all types of exercise ( aerobic, anaerobic, stretching) for the most benefit of all parts of your body and to tailor-made your exercise program that suits your health and lifestyle.

Each type of exercise has its own advantages by rotation exercise type, you will decrease your chance of repetitive injury and improve the over all health not only just a specific muscle or body part.

Aerobic exercise

Such as Walking or hiking, Jogging, running, Biking, Swimming The aerobic exercise aims to improve how the body uses oxygen.

Aerobic exercise provides the following benefits:

  • improves muscle strength in the lungs, heart, and whole body

  • improves sleep hygiene

  • enhances stamina by increasing the body’s ability to store energy molecules, such as fats and carbohydrates, within the muscle

  • improves circulation and blood flow in the muscles

  • lowers blood pressure

  • reduces the risk of diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease (CVD)

  • improves life expectancy and symptoms for people with coronary artery diseases

  • stimulates bone growth and reduces the risk of osteoporosis when at high intensity

  • increases the red blood cell count to enhance oxygen transportation

Anaerobic exercise

Such as weightlifting, jumping, sprinting.

This type of exercise to build power, strength, and muscle mass.

It is more effective than aerobic exercise for building muscle and improving strength.

Increasing muscle mass causes the body to burn more fat, even when resting. Muscle is the most efficient tissue for burning fat in the body.

Don't forget to stretch

Some exercises combine stretching, muscle conditioning, and balance training for example yoga.

Stretching improves balance, flexibility, posture, and circulation.

Yoga, a combination of meditation, posture, and breathing exercises to achieve the same goals. Not only for the body, someone with depression, on the other hand, may need more emphasis on the relaxation and deep breathing elements of yoga.

Pilates is another stretching option that promotes flexibility and core strength.

Tai chi is also an effective option for exercise that promotes calm stretching rather than intensity.

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