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Wonder about your diabetes risk? 
Let's check your blood.
HbA1c testing helps predict the likelihood that patients will develop diabetes in the future.
Price 1500 THB

Diabetes Self Management Program
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The more information you have,

The better plan you can take action.

food allergy test 

Screening with MicroArray technique to indicate the types of foods we are allergic to up to 222 types of foods.

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prostate cancer screening .png

PSA screening for Prostate Cancer 

25 years ago before the time we use PSA screening, about 1/5 of men who diagnosed had advanced disease prostate cancer.


Alpha-phetoprotein, for liver cancer screening 

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lipid profile cover .png

Lipid profile blood check 

Fasting blood check for lipid profile.

High cholesterol is listed as one of the five main risk factors for heart disease by the British Heart Foundation 

Heavy metal blood check 

Blood check for toxic heavy metal

Free !

kidney and liver function blood test value 4,500 THB

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